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Calibration Gas Cylinders Recycling & Disposal Recommendations

We are a leading supplier of Gasco Brand environmental and industrial safety calibration gases, which are packaged mainly in disposable cylinders for ease of use, portability, and no demurrage fees to customers.

Because most of their cylinders are non-refillable, they must meet requirements set forth in the Department of Transportation’s Part 39 Regulations. Part 39 prohibits us from filling these cylinders with toxic gases. In fact, all GASCO mixtures are considered non-poisonous. With few exceptions, all are also non flammable mixtures.

GASCO cylinders ship as hazardous material. This is due to the inherent danger of compressed gas and not from a chemical hazard. Once the cylinders are relieved of pressure they are NOT considered hazardous material or waste. Nearly all GASCO mixtures contain only a very small amount of a hazardous chemical(s) as a minor component in the gas mixture requested. The fact that it is such a small amount (usually in the ppm range) always precludes the gas mixture from ever being classified as hazardous.

For disposal of used cylinders, although Gasco highly recommends recycling empty cylinders, in reality it is acceptable to place them in a landfill because they present no danger to the environment. The cylinders contain absolutely no liquid residue and are clean internally as required for gas mixture stability. As point of comparison, a typical household propane cylinder (for grilling, camping, torch, etc.) or an empty spray paint aerosol can would contain enough residual to be of far greater environmental concern than an empty gas cylinder from Gasco.

For the record we highly recommend recycling spent gas cylinders. And to further that statement, Gasco has agreed to accept your empty containers for recycling at no cost to you. All you pay is the cost to ship the empty cylinder(s).

One note of caution... Scrapping cylinders involves some preparation before a metal dealer may accept them. This prep work might include removing the valve and/or piercing the sidewall. Because harmful residual pressure may still be present in a presumably empty cylinder, we never advise a customer to do this preparation work. Gasco will perform this operation as a service to our valued customers who want to participate in the factory recycling program.

Return Instructions:

- Verify that the cylinder is empty (short of any remaining residual pressure).

- Clearly mark both the outside of the cylinder and the shipping carton with the words: "Empty Cylinder".

- Ship your empty cylinder(s), freight prepaid to the following address:

- Gasco Affiliates, LLC, 320 Scarlet Boulevard, Oldsmar, FL 34677

- Phone: 800-910-0051

- Fax 866-755-8920

Remember... New, full and/or partially filled cylinders are considered to be hazardous material because of the inherent dangers of compressed gas. HazMat Certification is required before you can ship anything but an empty cylinder! Don't hesitate to call us or the factory if you have any questions.