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Calibration Gas Resources

Gas Detectors, either fixed or portable, need regular bump testing & calibration. ShopCross offers premium, ISO Certified calibration gas to assist in this maintenance. This guide contains information surrounding calibration gas shelf life, gas regulator offering and options, training and other helpful specifications that provide you with the knowledge you will need for successful calibration.

Calibration Gas Cylinders Recycling & Disposal

Gasco Brand environmental and industrial safety calibration gases are packaged mainly in disposable cylinders for ease of use, portability, and no demurrage fees to customers.

ISO 9001:2008 Calibration Gas Certification

View our ISO 9001:2008 certificate, verifying that we consistently provide product that meets customer and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements.

Verification of Calibration

Properly verifying the accuracy of gas detection equipment before each day’s use will help to ensure that each worker finishes the job safely.

Calibration Gas Regulator Training

This training is for verification and calibration of gas detection sensors used in industrial safety, environmental and hygiene markets.

Calibration Gas Regulator Table

Find our quick guide to GASCO regulators. At a glance, be able to match regulators with the cylinders and gases with which they should be used. 

Calibration Gas Shelf Life

Make sure this important component of your gas detection system hasn't expired. Check the shelf life of your calibration gas.

Calibration Gas Bottle Cylinder Specifications

Calibration Gas comes in a variety of combinations. Bottle volume, pressure, material, and gas type are all things to take into consideration when purchasing calibration gas bottles.

Converting PPM to Percent Volume

As difficult is it may seem on the surface, converting parts per million (PPM) to % Vol. is actually very simple! We'll explain how to calculate % volume and why this conversion is important. 

Lower Explosive Limit LEL for Calibration Gas

If you spend time working with Calibration Gas, it's very likely that you will see the term "LEL" used extensively. Find out why the Lower Explosive Limit is important to keeping you safe.

GASCO Material Safety Data Sheets

Here is a full list material safety data sheets for calibration gases manufactured by GASCO. Please review our disclaimer and use these data sheets as reference materials.

Selection of Gas Pressure Regulators

Look through our criteria for choosing the right regulator for your pressurized gas systems. All items must be considered in making the proper regulator selection.