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Cross Robotics

Collaborative Robot System Static Pedestal Fixed Height

Collaborative Robot Fixed Pedestal with 18" x 18" base, stabilized by 4 gussets with a fixed 30" post height. This is designed to be floor mounted in a fixed position.

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The Cross Robotics Team has successfully applied Collaborative (cage less) Robots in a wide range of demining, precise and accurately repeatable applications. Over the years, they've developed a knowledgebase of what is required for a successful robot deployment, where reach and pose is critical factor. One key - needed component, for a successful robot installation, often overlooked by others, is the foundation or pedestal for the robot. Cross Robotics developed a range of mobile, fixed and adjustable pedestals sure to meet your application requirements. No matter the industry, no matter the application, our pedestals are a key ingredient to aid in a fast ROI.


Brand Name
Cross Robotics
MFR Part Number
Collaborative Pedestal System
Static fixed height
150 lb's