DFX Doppler Ultrasonic Flow Meters

Dynasonics - DFX Series Doppler Flow Meter

The DFX flow meter operates by transmitting ultrasonic sound from its transmitting transducer through the pipe wall into the flowing liquid. Transducers contain piezoelectric crystals that are used to transmit this signal. The sound will be reflected by particulate and/or gas bubbles (aka - reflectors) suspended within the liquid and recorded by the receiving transducer. If the reflectors are moving within the sound transmission path, sound waves will be reflected at a frequency shifted (Doppler shift) from the transmitted frequency.

The difference between the reflected frequencies and transmitted frequencies is directly proportional to the speed of the sonic reflectors, resulting in a liquid flow rate that is converted to various user defined measuring units.

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Features and Benefits:

  • Non-Intrusive, clamp-on transducers for most pipes from 0.25 in. (6mm) and above.
  • Wide velocity range: 0.15 to 30 fps (0.00 to 9 mps)
  • Flexibility... With automatic gain control and in-line field linearization, the DFX will adapt to a wide variety of applications.
  • Minimal installation time: the DFX may be installed and fully operational within minutes. For most homogeneous pipe materials, there is no need to break into pipelines.
  • Minimal material costs: clamp-on sensor eliminates the need for in-line flanges, pipe fittings, strainers or filters.
  • Reduced down-time: installation may be performed on full pipes and active systems. There is no need to shut down the process for installation or maintenance.
  • Lower maintenance costs: with no moving parts, there is nothing on the DFX to wear down