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Draeger Respirators, Escape Hoods, and Escape Gear

Safety is paramount in industrial working environments. Draeger's wide range of respirators, escape hoods, and escape gear are trusted and central to protecting health and safety professionals.

Draeger Respirators

Draeger provides a variety of supplied air respirators and SCBAs fit for industrial applications. In such industrial environments, surroundings can quickly become hazardous. Draeger respirators and ProAir SCBA give cutting edge protection for workers in these potentially dangerous circumstances.

Draeger Escape Hoods

Escape hoods are made to be put on with ease and protect the user from potentially harmful industrial environments. The user is kept safe from toxic fire-associated gases, vapors, and particles.

Draeger Parat Hoods are made for 3 varieties of environments:

Parat 4900 for Industrial Escape

Parat 5500 for Fire Escape

Parat 7500 for Fire & Industrial Escape

Draeger Escape Gear

The escape gear is essential to escaping emergency situations in industrial workplaces. Providing a constant flow of breathing air, the escape gear ensures safety affording valuable time to find a path out of the dangerous environment.

Our self-contained units offer:

– Continuous breathing air flow for up to 30 minutes

– Easy accommodation for people with prescriptive eyewear, long hair, and beards

– Self extinguishing hood which does not fog

– Ruggedness and durability

– Long shelf life in extreme conditions


Tubes that detect the presence of a harmful chemical

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Escape Gear

Sampling units for various gas detection tasks

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Draeger Parat Escape Hoods

Personal protection from harmful gases and toxins

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Draeger Chemical Suits

Multi-use suits for protection against unsafe chemicals

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