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Draeger Safety Guides, Articles & IOMs

Personal gas detection instruments are essential to providing workers with a reliable form of protection. Draeger's sophisticated single-gas detectors are recommended for ensuring work place safety when you need to be alerted to the presence of harmful gas concentrations.

Dräger multi-gas detectors are designed with a wide range of options, making them flexible companions in a variety of situations such as personal protection, area monitoring or leak detection. Special accessories make working easier on sites that are difficult to access such as tanks or shafts, ensuring safe measurements are possible.

Find installation and operation manuals & guides along with overview sheets, tips and tools.

Draeger-Tube User Guide and Performance Data

Proper application and use of  Draeger Tubes is paramount for a successful test. This tip sheet is for informational purposes only and will cover general use of Draeger Tubes.

Draeger Tube Pump Operation and Service Guide

Learn to operate and repair Dräger short-term tubes and sampling tubes. Our guide shows the proper steps to take in preparing the tube and troubleshooting issues.

Draeger Parat Escape Hood Real World Use

Imagine a fire alarm going off in a 31 story high rise condominium building. That's what happened in Chicago to Dennis Muschol. Read how a Draeger Parat Escape Hood saved his life.

Reliable Gas Detection Using Detector Tubes

Detector tubes can detect more gases and vapors than any other on-the-spot field method, making them applicable to virtually any industry. See how proper detector tube use ensures reliable indication of gas concentration.

Converting MSA Detection Tubes to Draeger-Tubes

Draeger-Tubes are a great replacement and upgrade to MSA Tubes, which are no longer in production. This is our conversion chart to move from MSA to Draeger-Tubes.

Rely on Draeger Safety for Gas Detection

Draeger Safety offers detection devices and safety equipment for use in areas where harmful agents such as toxic gases, combustible gases and vapors are present plus areas of oxygen deficiency.