Dynasonics Ultrasonic Flow Meters

As a member of the BadgerMeter family of flow measurement devices, Dynasonics designs and manufactures meters for non-invasive flow. Using several different ultrasonic technologies, from Doppler to transit-time, Dynasonics high-performance flow meters provide accurate measurement in conjunction with easy, menu-driven configuration. The result is application driven meters for both permanent installation and portable analysis.

The Dynasonics DXN Hybrid Portable Ultrasonic Meter can be set up to measure fluids in pipes from 1/2" diameter to 120" diameter using transit time transducers or 1" diameter to 60" diameter using Doppler transducers. Complete with a touchscreen interface, full color graphing, wizard-based start-up and configuration, USB and Modbus connectivity, the Dynasonics DXN combines high-tech microprocessor might with a rugged, lightweight exterior for use in the most challenging industrial environments.

Transit Time

Non-invasive meters with superb accuracy and response characteristics. Available in portable or fixed position models. Intended for clean liquids.

TFX Ultra Transit Time Flow Meters

TFXL Transit Time Flow Meters


Dynasonics Doppler ultrasonic flow meters are designed to measure the flow of liquids that contain sound reflectors – suspended solids or gas bubbles. Available in both clamp-on and hand-held models, Dynasonics Doppler Flow Meters can easily accommodate a variety of what are typically considered "difficult flow measurement applications.

DFX Doppler Ultrasonic Glow Meter

UFX Doppler Hand-Held Doppler

Energy Meters

The TFX Ultra is also available an an energy flow meter used in conjunction with dual clamp-on RTDs. The energy flow meter is ideal for retrofit chilled water and other HVAC applications.

Dynasonics DTFXE-ZN-AKNC-FA BTU Meter

Portable Meters

Ideal for conducting flow measurement surveys on full-pipe liquid systems and for verifying calibration of permanently mounted flow meters.

DXN Portable Hybrid Ultrasonic Flow Meters


Ultrasonic Couplants