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Dynasonics Ultrasonic Flow Meters

Dynasonics DXNP-AFS-NN Portable Flow Meter, 40 fps, 4 - 20 mA Output

Dynasonics DXNP series 40 fps hybrid ultrasonic portable flow meter rated to 175 deg F with 15-Pin high density DSUB connection
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The DXN portable ultrasonic flow and energy meter is a true hybrid instrument, capable of measuring liquid flow with multiple technologies, including Doppler, transit time and liquid thermal (heat energy) flow. Easy to install by clamping onto the outside of the pipe, the DXN measures flow using non-invasive ultrasonic sensors. Compatible with a pipe wall thickness gauge, inside pipe diameter can be verified to ensure accurate ultrasonic measurements when piping details are unknown or unavailable. The DXN has a number of advanced features including a touch screen interface, full-color graphing, wizard-based start-up configuration, USB connectivity, and Modbus TCP/IP connectivity. These features make it easy for technicians to obtain accurate readings while capturing flow surges and high-speed batch operations. The DXN captures and displays multiple user-defined and application parameters at once and can record the data with an easy to-use data logging function. The ability to monitor and record several parameters at once allows technicians to verify and troubleshoot permanent flow installations with ease.

  • Liquid type - Liquid dominant fluids, acoustically conductive
  • Power cord - North American power cord/plug (2 flat prongs + 1 round prong; NEMA 5/15P)
  • DXN shoulder strap and outer carrying case
  • +/-0.01 fps accuracy
  • +/-1% of reading repeatability
  • 0.001 fps (0.001 mps) flow sensitivity
  • 1 GB on-board data logger (USB Port)
  • Switches automatically between transit time and Doppler measurement as needed
  • Advanced touch screen interface featuring job-specific controls
  • Takes over 50 flow readings per second

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Data Sheet


Brand Name
MFR Part Number
Portable Flow Meter
Hybrid Ultrasonic
Flow Rate
40 fps
Connection Type
15-Pin High Density DSUB
Display Type
800 x 480 WVGA Color Outdoor Readable, Resistive Touch Screen
Display Size
6 x 3.6 Inch
Sensor Type
Non-Invasive Ultrasonic
Power Source
100 - 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 50 W
4 - 20 mA
Enclosure Type
Water/Dust Resistant
Temperature Rating
175 deg F
Small & Standard Pipe Transit Time Transducers, 5.3 oz Grease Dow 111 Couplant, 0.25, Bottle Ultrasound Couplant, (6) SS Worm Drive Clamps, Transit Time, Doppler, RTD and Pipe Wall Thickness Gauge, 36 ft RTD Installation Tape