Hydraulic Filter Elements

With over 1,540 individual elements to choose from, locating the correct one for your application can be a complicated task.

Element Technology:

Our exceptional elements are tested to ensure fabrication integrity in the manufacturing process. They are also tested for efficiency and dirt holding capacity in a multi-pass test stand, equipped with inline particle capabilities, which are calibrated to ISO standards


  • Eliminate damage to element
  • Greatly reduce oil deterioration
  • Decrease evidence of sludge and formation of oil sediment
  • Extend system component life ( i.e., electronic components, servo valves and reservoirs)


Hydraulic Filter Element Catalog

We have over 1500 Performance Replacement hydraulic filter elements.  In addition, Schroeder produces all of the technical data to support the sale of these products.  The BestFit family consists of standard elements, cartridge and spin-on replacement CoreCentric® coreless repair elements, and the new SchroederSpun process filtration elements.