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GPI's Flomec flow meters, totalizers and batchers are the product of Great Plains Industries acquisition of Trimec Industries, a leading manufacturer of oval gear meters in Australia. GPI and Trimec have combined their expertise in liquid flow metering to offer a vast array of products globally under the Flomec flow meter banner. The same quality turbine meters, totalizers, and batchers that various industries have come to depend upon from GPI, are now complemented by a complete line of positive displacement meters, from 1/8 inch to 100 inch, in a variety of materials.

At ShopCross, we have a long history of helping customers come up with solutions to flow applications. The products from Flomec are an important part of our flow meter offering.

G Series Precision Flow Meters

G2 Series Precision Flow Meters

TM Turbine Flow Meters

OM Oval Gear Flow Meters