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Water Flow Meters

Measuring water flow has never been easier. The TM series makes it easy to read measurements in standard and metric units. Depending on your application, there is a meter to match, with flow rate capacities ranging from 5 to 750 GPM.

Chemical Flow Meters

Gauge the flow rate of higher viscosity liquids with flow meters like the OM series oval gear meters. Flomec Q Star meters are among the most precise, and S series meters are great for measuring aggressive chemicals.

Fuel Flow Meters

Flow measurement for petroleum and other types of fuel has never been easier with digital and analog flow meters. The MR series is perfect for gasoline and high-volume pumps. The FM family is a perfect fit when you need to calibrate your meter in the field.

Turbine Flow Meters

Gauge the flow of liquids with Turbine Flow Meters that measure fluid flow with rotating blades. From the highly accurate G Series meters to the highly serviceable G2 Series, there’s a right flow meter for your application.