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Understanding & Customizing your Flomec GPI "09" Digital Display

If you own a GPI A1, TM or G2 Series Turbine Meter with an integral display, chances are good that it's equipped with GPI's standard 09 Series Electronic Display. In this four part series, we'll talk about the features and benefits of your 09 Series display, how to field calibrate your flow meter using the "Correction Factor" method, how to customize your digital electronics to meet your individual needs, and finally different methods of field calibrating your GPI Flow Meter to meet your specific application requirements. This is Part 1.

Features and Benefits of Flomec GPI "09" Digital Display

Packed into this powerful, yet compact display are a number of features that you might not be aware of:

- Flow Rate and 2 Totals (one resettable, one non-resettable) are clearly displayed on a large 6-digit LCD Readout with a two point floating decimal. The floating decimal point gives you display capabilities from 0000.01 to 999,999.

- Cumulative totals to 99,999,999 are available using the x10 and x100 functions. When the Cumulative Total reaches a display reading of 999,999 the computer will highlight an X10 icon. This indicates to the operator that a zero must be added to the 6 digits shown. When the next rollover occurs, the computer will highlight an X100 icon. This indicates to the operator that two zeroes must be added to the 6 digits shown.

- “09” Series Flow Computer/Displays are small, compact & totally self-contained when powered by GPI’s replaceable Lithium Battery. The CMOS, microprocessor-based electronics have extremely low power requirements and data retention capabilities in both RAM and ROM giving the batteries an average 5-year lifespan.

- Non-Volatile totals mean that display totals are retained with a planned or unplanned loss of power.

- Available units include: Gallons & Liters (GL & LT) and may also offer additional units of measure including Imperial Gallons (IGL), Quarts (QT), Cubic Feet (CF), Cubic Meter (CM), 42 Gallon Barrels (BL), Cubic Centimeters (CC) and/or Ounces (OZ). Switching between different units will not corrupt the Totat's contents. For example, in GL mode, the computer totalizes 10.00 gallons, if the user switches to LT mode, the display will read 37.85 liters (the same volume, different unit).

- Field Calibrations using the “Correction Factor” method allows users to calibrate their flow meter to specific conditions using a plus or minus percentage factor.

Factory calibration for fluids with similar properties like water, gasoline and/or diesel

GPI 09 Series Digital DisplayGPI Flow Meter Bodies are calibrated independent of the 09 Electronics using Stoddard Test Solvent at 70°F for low flow and 1 inch meters, and water at 70°F for larger meters to determine a unique K-Factor (pulses per gallon). K/F’s are then assigned to and in some cases etched on to the individual meter bodies and then used to program the 09 electronic display that becomes an integral part of the flow meter. The factory calibration allows for accurate readings on fluids with similar properties like Water, Gasoline and/or Diesel.

For heavier fluids or those with different properties, the factory calibration may be found to be inaccurate, but in most cases, repeatable. For improved accuracy under these conditions, the 09 Computer allows for a “Field Calibration” using a Correction Factor method that is programmed into each display.

Continue reading for step by step instructions for field calibration using the correction factor method.