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Flomec GPI Display Customization

In this guide we provide an overview of the Flomec GPI's features, calibration, and configuration. There is also an article providing detailed steps to activate and calibrate your flow meter using the Dispense/Display Method.


Activating and Calibrating Your Flow Meter

This guide discusses the procedures for calibrating your GPI 09 Series Electronic display using the older "Display/Dispense" method.

Changing Configuration Settings

Disabling "unnecessary" features in GPI's 09 Series Display, day-to day operations can be greatly simplified.

Field Calibration - Correction Factor Method

One of the most valuable features found on this display is the ability to Field Calibrate your flow meter to specific conditions.

Customizing Your Flomec GPI "09" Digital Display

If you own a GPI A1, TM or G2 Series Turbine Meter with an integral display, it's probably equipped with GPI's standard 09 Series Electronic Display.