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Flow Meter Education

Selecting a flow meter that works for you can be challenging given the wide array of options available. This guide gives expert information on help in selecting a flow meter, providing valuable specifications on each type of meter along with providing an overview of current measurement technology and guidelines.

Dynasonic Ultrasonic Flow Meter Resource Directory

Controlling, managing and optimizing your flow is easy with Dynasonic. Find everything you need to know about Dynasonic products and Ultrasonic Flow Meters. 

Chemical Compatibility Guide for Flomec Flow Meters

Selecting the correct materials of construction, for your application, is a critical element in the successful deployment of meters and pumps. This Flomec quick guide is for reference only.

Turbine Flow Meters

The turbine meter is a volumetric measurement device which operates by sensing the linear velocity of the fluid passing through it. Learn more about applications and use. 

Choosing a Flow Meter: Fundamentals

Learn the fundamentals—from the basics of flow properties and flow measurement all the way to advanced flow solutions with variable area flow meters and thermal mass flow controllers.

How Do I Convert from Centipoise (cP) to Centistokes (cSt)?

A quick answer to a common question in flow meter operation and application: How do I convert from centipoise (cP) to centistokes (cSt)?

Your Go-To Guide for ANSI 150 Class Pipe Specifications

These ANSI 150 Class Pipe specifications come in handy when working with large flow meters, valves, and other equipment.

How to Convert from Mesh to Micron for Filtration Products

The Mesh to Micron Chart is very handy when working with filtration products and strainers. We take the guesswork out of conversions from inches to microns or millimeters.

How Does the Hedland Variable Area Flow Meter Work?

Variable area flow meters measure the volumetric flow rate of liquids and gases. See how Hedland takes a unique approach to traditional flow meters.

Calculating Correction Factors

Corrections for more or less dense fluids can be made to Hedland's standard scales using the following correction equations. See two methods for fluid correction.

How Do Ultrasonic Flow Meters Work?

Ultrasonic Flow Meters are a non-invasive flow technology that uses sensors and transducers to generate ultrasonic sound waves which are directed into the flow and used to determine flow velocities.

Variable Area Flow Meters

A variable area meter is a flow meter that measures volumetric flow of liquids and gases. They are also known as rotameters and variable area meters. 

Oval Gear Meters

If the fluid you're measuring is clean, but too viscous for a turbine meter, consider using an oval gear meter. Learn more about the operation and applications.