Food & Beverage Flow Meters

GPI's Flomec Food & Beverage Sanitary Flow Meters have stainless steel bodies and come standard with Tri-Clover fittings that can be used in food, sport drink, liquor and other beverage industries, in preprocess applications. These can be your standard Beer Flow Meter for liquid meter measurements throughout a microbrewery to a full scale production facility.

The GPI Modular design allows for use with Output Modules, Sensors and Remote Transmitters. The G2 Series comes standard with local display and 2 Totals (Batch that is resettable, Cumulative which is not resettable) & Rate of Flow.

These liquid flow meters are factory calibrated in gallons and liters. Field calibratable,which allows user on-site calibration and includes non-volatile totals. The G2 Sanitary Meters have internal parts that are easy to replace. The onboard Lithium battery has a 5 year life.  With the full feature modular concept, the GPI Flomec series has a range of upgrade options that can added later in the field.