Oval Gear Flow Meter Department

GPI's Flomec Oval Gear Flow Meter product family is well suited for demanding clean, thick, viscous type fluid applications. The Flomec OM Series Oval Gear Meters are designed to provide years of precise volumetric flow measurement of clean liquids found in a broad range of industries including automotive, aviation, mining, power generation, chemical processing, pharmaceutical, food & beverage and petro-chem. 

Customers use our OM Series of Flow Meters in applications that include the distribution of fuels, fuel oils, lubricants, alcohols, solvents, blending of bio fuels & ethanol, metering of chemicals, grease, adhesives, ink, insecticides & non-conductive liquids either pumped or gravity fed systems.

The Flomec Oval Gear flow rates start with a highly accurate 0.13 Gallons Per Hour and continue through our 4" flow meter with a max flow rate of 400 GPM (Gallons Per Minute).

Oval Gear Flow Meter bodies are available in Aluminum, PPS - Plastic and 316L Stainless Steel for medium to high pressures. Electronic options are varied with local indication and can include remote 4-20mA transmitters.