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Calibration Gas

ShopCross is the best value in precision industrial calibration gas, cal gas cylinders and specialized calibration gas kits. Our calibration gas is NIST Traceable and produced using an ISO 9001:2008 certified process.  Find multi-gas blends and single gas cylinders by searching for your calibration gas.

Calibration Gas Products and Accessories

ShopCross offers a wide selection of calibration gas products and accessories. Proper testing and calibration of gas detectors, as well as general service checks, require a regulator or flow control valve to manage the deployment of our calibration gas.

How Calibration Gas is Used

Gas Detection and Warning Instruments are developed and produced to protect you and your employees against invisible gas hazards in the ambient air. In a critical situation, you be able to instantly rely on these same instruments and to do that, regular maintenance, calibration and function (Bump) testing are a necessity.

All gas detection sensors require periodic calibration or bump testing and to make this testing as simple as possible, we offer a full range of calibration gas mixtures in various concentrations and related supplies.

Small portable and disposable calibration gas cylinders offer a cost-effective alternative for low calibration gas volume applications such as those found in Industrial Hygiene, Health & Safety and laboratory instrument gas calibration. In order to guarantee the accuracy of these mixtures, all of our Calibration Gas is NIST traceable.

Disposable Cylinders

Small disposable cylinders are convenient wherever you go, which makes calibration & function (bump) testing your portable detectors and gas detection systems even easier. Because these cylinders are only filled once, you always receive a new cylinder. Another advantage of the disposable cylinders is the fact that they do not need to be returned – once empty, you can simply dispose of them in an environmentally-friendly manner such as with metal waste. This means no rental or transport costs to return the cylinders.

The best value in Calibration Gas.

Our huge selection of calibration gases, regulators and other related accessories, is the best source for calibration gases on the market.

In any application: university labs, research centers and industrial facilities like paper mills, power plants or refineries, you can save critical time and money with our calibration gas, gas blends and specialty gases.

We strive to provide you with a calibration gas that is held to the highest quality standards in the industry today. Not only do we offer an incredible calibration gas, but we back it with over 40 years of technical gas detection and gas production experience. Not sure which product is best suited for your specific application? Give us a call. We bring 50+ years of experience in industrial part distribution and we are here to help you select the right cal gas, calibration gas cylinder regulator or fittings and valves to complete your kit.

Our Calibration Gases are produced to the same blending and NIST Standards used by the premium and ultra pure gas producers. We start with high purity raw materials which are precision blended in a state of the art facility, inspected to exacting standards and finally, shipped to you a high quality, contaminate free cylinder.

No other calibration gas manufacturer has our vast knowledge of portable gas monitors, indoor air quality monitors, fixed gas detection systems, continuous emission monitoring systems, infrared gas detection, process gas chromatographs, ion mobility spectrometers, flame ionization detectors, photo ionization detectors and other monitoring and detection technologies.

Specializing in non-refillable calibration gas mixtures, we have the capability of providing a wide range of simple mixtures such as ultra high purity Nitrogen, as well as complex four gas mixtures and highly reactive gas mixtures.

We offer the largest selection of standard calibration gas cylinders with sizes from bump gas, 10 Liter, 17 Liter, 34 Liter, 44 Liter, 58 Liter, 74 Liter, 103 Liter, 116 Liter, 221 Liter and finally 552 Liter.

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