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GASCO MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets)

Calibration Gases MSDS Sheets

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Disclaimer: The reference material offered below has been provided to us and prepared by the manufacturer (GASCO) in accordance with the Chemicals (Hazard Information and Packaging for Supply) (Amendment) Regulations 1996. The information is based on the best knowledge of GASCO, and its advisors and is given in good faith, but we cannot guarantee its accuracy, reliability or completeness and therefore disclaim any liability for loss or damage arising out of use of this data. Since conditions of use are outside the control of the Company and its advisors, we disclaim any liability for loss or damage when the product is used for other purposes than it is intended.

MSDS G-115: Benzene-Air

MSDS G-215A: Butane hi-N2

MSDS G-315: Butane-O2-N2

MSDS G-415: CH4

MSDS G-515: CH4 hi-N2

MSDS G-515A: CH4-N2

MSDS G-615: CH4-O2-N2

MSDS G-715: CO2-CH4 hi-N2

MSDS G-715A: CO2-CH4-N2

MSDS G-815: CL2-N2

MSDS G-915: CO-CH4-O2-N2

MSDS G-1015: CO-CO2-CH4-O2-N2

MSDS G-1115: CO-CO2-H2S-CH4-O2-N2

MSDS G-1215: CO-Co2-N2

MSDS G-1415: CO-H2S-Isobutane-O2-N2

MSDS G-1515: CO hi-H2S-N2

MSDS G-1515A: CO-H2S-N2

MSDS G-1615: CO-H2S-O2-N2

MSDS G-1715: CO-H2S-SO2-CH4-O2-N2

MSDS G-1815: CO hi-N2

MSDS G-1815A: CO-N2

MSDS G-1815B: CO med-N2

MSDS G-1915: CO-No2-Ch4-O2-N2

MSDS G-2015: CO-O2 Hi-N2

MSDS G-2015A: CO-O2-N2

MSDS G-2115: CO-Pentane-O2-N2

MSDS G-2215: CO-So2-Ch4-O2-N2

MSDS G-2315: CO

MSDS G-2415: Co2-Butane-N2

MSDS G-2515: H2S hi-CH4-N2

MSDS G-2515A: H2S-CH4-N2

MSDS G-2615: CO2-N2

MSDS G-2715: CO2-O2-N2

MSDS G-2715A: CO2-O2 Hi-N2

MSDS G-2815: Ethylene-O2-N2

MSDS G-2915: ETO-N2

MSDS G-3015: R1234A-O2-N2

MSDS G-3115: H2

MSDS G-3215: H2 Hi-N2

MSDS G-3215A: H2-N2

MSDS G-3315: H2-O2-N2

MSDS G-3415: H2S-Ch4

MSDS G-3515: H2S-N2

MSDS G-3515A: H2S lo-N2

MSDS G-3615: H2S hi-O2-N2

MSDS G-3615A: H2S-O2-N2

MSDS G-3715: H2S-Propane-O2-N2

MSDS G-3815: HCL-N2

MSDS G-4015: He

MSDS G-4115: Hexane-O2-N2

MSDS G-4215: Isobutane Hi-N2

MSDS G-4215A: Isobutane-N2

MSDS G-4315: Isobutane-O2-N2

MSDS G-4415: Isobutylene-O2-N2

MSDS G-4515: N2

MSDS G-4615: NH3-N2

MSDS G-4715: Nh3-O2-N2

MSDS G-4815: NO-N2

MSDS G-4815A: NO hi-N2

MSDS G-4915: No2-N2

MSDS G-5015: No2-O2-N2

MSDS G-5115: O2

MSDS G-5315: Pentane-O2-N2

MSDS G-3915: HCN-N2

MSDS G-5415: Ph3-N2

MSDS G-5515: Propane-O2-N2

MSDS G-5615: SO2-N2

MSDS G-5715: SO2-O2-N2

MSDS G-5715A: SO2 Hi-O2-N2

MSDS G-5815: R134A-N2

MSDS G-5915: CO-H2S-Propane-O2-N2

MSDS G-6015: CO-Co2-O2-N2

MSDS G-6115: Ethanol-N2

MSDS G-6215: CO-CH4 Hi-N2

MSDS G-6215A: CO-CH4-N2

MSDS G-6315: R22-O2-N2

MSDS G-6415: CO-NO-N2

MSDS G-6515: CO-CO2-Pentane-O2-N2

MSDS G-6615: H2S-Ch4-O2-N2

MSDS G-6615A: H2S Hi-Ch4-O2-N2

MSDS G-6715: Sih4-N2

MSDS G-6815: CO-H2-O2-N2

MSDS G-6915: Cl2-O2-N2

MSDS G-7015: Argon

MSDS G-7115: CO-Propane-O2-N2

MSDS G-7215: R123-O2-N2

MSDS G-7315: Butadiene-O2-N2

MSDS G-7415: CO-CO2-Propane-N2

MSDS G-7515: R22-N2

MSDS G-7615: H2-He

MSDS G-7715: ETO-CO2

MSDS G-7815: Ethylene-N2

MSDS G-7915: CO2-O2

MSDS G-8015: Ethylbenzene-xylene-Toluene-Benzene-O2-N2

MSDS G-8115: R123A-N2

MSDS G-8215: Butane

MSDS G-8315: H2S-Pentane-O2-N2

MSDS G-8415: CO-CO2-H2-Acetylene-Ethane-Ethylene-CH4-O2-N2

MSDS G-8515: Ethane-O2-N2

MSDS G-8615: CO-NO2-Pentane-O2-N2

MSDS G-8715: CO-Hexane-O2-N2

MSDS G-8815: CO2-CH4-Ar-O2-N2

MSDS G-8915: Propane Hi-N2

MSDS G-8915A: Propane lo-N2

MSDS G-9015: CO-CO2-H2S-Pentane-O2-N2

MSDS G-9115: CO2-Ch4-Ethane-Propane-Butane-Isobutane-n-Pentane-Iso-Pentane-O2-N2

MSDS G-9215: CO2-Ch4-Ethane-Propane-Butane-Isobutane-n-Pentane-Iso-Pentane-N2

MSDS G-9315: CO-H2S-SO2-Pentane-O2-N2

MSDS G-9415: Propylene-O2-N2

MSDS G-9515: CO2-Ch4

MSDS G-9615: R123-N2

MSDS G-9715: CO-H2S-O2-N2

MSDS G-9815: He-O2-N2

MSDS G-9915: NF3-N2

MSDS G-10015: CO-H2S-Hexane-O2-N2

MSDS G-10115: ASH3-N2

MSDS G-10215: CO-CO2-NO-Propane-N2

MSDS G-10315: HF-N2

MSDS G-10415: CO-CO2-NO-SO2-N2

MSDS G-10515: CS2-N2

MSDS G-10615: Tert-Butanol-N2

MSDS G-10715: Xenon-HE

MSDS G-10815: O2-He

MSDS G-10915: Ethane-N2

MSDS G-11015: CO-Acetylene-Ethane-Ethylene-H2-CH4-CO2-O2-N2-Ar

MSDS G-11115: CO-CO2-Propane-O2-N2

MSDS G-11215: H2S-Benzene-Toluene-O2-N2

MSDS G-11315: SO2-Benzene-Toluene-O2-N2

MSDS G-11415: n-Butane-He

MSDS G-11515: HCL-O2-N2

MSDS G-11615: Ethanol-O2-N2

MSDS G-11715: Benzene-N2

MSDS G-11815: O2,-19.5-N2

MSDS G-11915: O2,+23.5-N2

MSDS G-12015: H2O-N2

MSDS G-12115: H2O-SF6

MSDS G-12215: SF6

MSDS G-12315: CO-SF6

MSDS G-12415: H2S-SF6

MSDS G-12515: SO2-SF6

MSDS G-12815: Nitrous Oxide-N2

MSDS G-12915: Pentane-N2

MSDS G-13015: Toluene-N2

MSDS G-13115: R123A-O2-N2

MSDS G-13215: MM-N2

MSDS G-13315: R11-N2

MSDS G-13415: N2-Ar

MSDS G-13515: O2-Ar

MSDS G-13615: Methanol-O2-N2

MSDS G-13715: Polypropylene-N2

MSDS G-13815: N2-He

MSDS G-13915: Acetylene-O2-N2

MSDS G-14015: R410A-N2

MSDS G-14115: MethChlor-O2-N2

MSDS G-14215: Toluene-O2-N2

MSDS G-14315: -900 Gas

MSDS G-14415: Methanol-Heptane-O2-N2

MSDS G-14515: -10G-MX gas

MSDS G-14615: CO-Air

MSDS G-14615A: CO lo-Air

MSDS G-14715: CO2-Air

MSDS G-14815: H2S-Air

MSDS G-14915: CO2-NO-SO2-N2

MSDS G-15:015: H2S-SO2-Pentane-O2-N2

MSDS G-15:115: R404-O2-N2

MSDS G-15:215: Ch4-He

MSDS G-15:215A: Ch4 lo-He

MSDS G-15:315: H2S-So2-N2

MSDS G-15:415: Acetylene-N2

MSDS G-15:515: R11-O2-N2

MSDS G-15:615: Propylene Oxide-N2

MSDS G-15:715: H2 lo-Ar

MSDS G-15:715A: H2-Ar

MSDS G-15:815: CO2-He

MSDS G-15:915: H2S-Propane-N2

MSDS G-16015: Methyl Bromede-N2

MSDS G-16115: SF6-O2-N2

MSDS G-16215: Isobutylene lo-N2

MSDS G-16215A: Isobutylene-N2

MSDS G-16315: CO-NO2-N2

MSDS G-16415: Nitrous Oxide

MSDS G-16515: R407C-N2

MSDS G-16615: Isobutylene-Pentane-O2-N2

MSDS G-16715: HCN-O2-N2

MSDS G-16815: MM-O2-N2

MSDS G-16915: H2-CH4-O2-N2

MSDS G-17015: CO-NO2-O2-N2

MSDS G-17115: CO-CO2-H2-Acetylene-Ethane-Ethylene-CH4-O2-N2-Ar

MSDS G-17215: Vinyl Chloride-O2-N2

MSDS G-17315: CO2-Ar

MSDS G-17415: CO-H2_N2

MSDS G-17515: CO2-So2-O2-N2

MSDS G-17615: R12-O2-N2

MSDS G-18615: R12-N2

MSDS G-20515: Vinyl Chloride-N2

MSDS G-20615: CO-SO2-Pentane-O2-N2

MSDS G-23915: Propylene Oxide-O2-N2

MSDS G-36615: CO-HCN-Ch4-O2-N2