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GPI - short for Great Plains Industries - is a leading manufacturer of fuel and chemical transfer pumps for a wide range of applications from agricultural to construction. With AC and DC pumps as well as manual transfer pumps, GPI has the right pump for your fuel transfer need. GPI also has DEF (diesel exhaust fluid) pumps, fuel meters, and a variety of specialty pumps to round out this fluid transfer family.

Great Plains Industries (GPI), the supplier of choice for truck mounted pumps, fleet fueling pumps, vane pumps and cabinet pumps, offers a full line of gasoline transfer pumps, diesel transfer pumps, biodiesel (B100) transfer pumps and fuel meters designed specifically for agricultural fueling, construction fueling and fleet fueling applications. GPI fuel pumps and meters are compatible with gasoline (alcohol blends up to E15), diesel fuel (biodiesel blends up to B20) and kerosene.​

GPI products are designed and tested to exacting standards to ensure years of trouble-free performance in rugged environments. Great Plains Industries is an ISO 9001:2008 certified manufacturer.