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Hedland Basic In-Line, Variable Area Flow Meters

Hedland flow meters are variable area meters. A precision machined, sharp-edged orifice located within the piston assembly, forms an annular opening with a contoured Metering Cone. The piston assembly carries a cylindrical PPS/ceramic magnet that is coupled to an external flow indicator. Hedland flow meters operate accurately at all orientations.

Hedland EZ-View Flow Meters

These variable area measurement instruments differ from their standard counterparts in their easy to read red flow indicator and brightly labeled gauges. Flow levels can be understood from virtually any angle.

Hedland High-Pressure Air Flow Test Kits

Hedland Variable Area Flow Meter Test Kits are used for direct measurement of flow and pressure. Although primarily used for testing the parameters of hydraulic power units, machinery and equipment, additional models are available with calibrations for Water, Water-Based Fluids (emulsions), Phosphate Ester fluids and finally, Air and other Compressed Gases. Other applications include simple diagnostics of pumps, motors, cylinders and valves.

Hedland Flow-Alert Flow Switches

Program alerts and other functions with switches that activate based on preset limits for flow. With one or two-switch models, users can both monitor and control process flow. Units are available in meter sizes from 1/4” to 11/2”.