Couplings, Flanges, O-Rings

What goes into the hose stays in the hose, thanks to ShopCross’s offering of Dixon Couplings, Hydraulic Flanges and specialty O-Rings. You can buy APG standard “O” rings from American Packing that resist leaks from gas or fluids, petroleum oils, alcohol, water, silicone greases and more. Or maybe you need a flange for a hydraulic system. Anchor Fluid offers several types in aluminum, steel and a variety of sizes. Need protection from sprayouts? Try APL Insulflex series of firesleeves from 1-inch to 8-inch nylon. Work with petroleum, dye or paint? Consider Dixon’s cam-and-groove couplings, whether in aluminum or forged steel and in different sizes and styles. Only you know your need and application, so please discuss them with ShopCross Customer Service.