Fluid Connectors

Just as you need the right type of hose to transport fluids, you need the right type of connectors to go with them. Parker is, once again, the leader in these products that are durable and save you money, time and in some cases, physical space.

Parker Prestolok, push-to-connect connectors, male swivel elbows and male connectors with nickel-plated brass surfaces are great for low-pressure systems and rugged, type spaces, while its metric hex pipe nipples, pipe elbows, street elbows and pipe tees are best-suited to pneumatic applications an pressures below 100 PSI; they are also great for tight spaces when you have to install several lines close together. Need to connect your average garden hose? Then consider Parker’s female swivel nut connector that prevents the hose from twisting and kinking. A variety of hose barbs and hose members are compatible with rubber hoses, while male straight adapters can be used in power steering and transportation applications.

Parker’s series of union tees also have multiple uses: flares made of brass that can be used with copper, aluminum, brass or steel tubing that can be assembled and reassembled time after time; compression union tees for copper, aluminum or thermoplastic tubing designed to carry flammable liquids; compress-align union tees for medium pressure situations and light vibration; poly-tite union tees that are pre assembled and protect the tube from wear-and-tear; and prestomatic push-in tube unions that are great for air brakes and transportation applications. Speaking of applications, be sure to discuss yours and your specific needs with a representative at Shop Cross Customer Service.