Hose Adapters

Adapters, swivel adapters, ferrules, splicers, sockets . . . When you’re using or assembling hoses, Parker’s reasonably priced and easy-to-use fititngs, many of which boast a no-skive design will help you work efficiently. 

In rough and tough environments, you’re going to want hose adapters that will last. Male adapters, female swivel adapters, straight adapters, among others are compatible with different hoses and applications. Parker’s 43, 55, 57, 58, 70, 71, HY, HP and 77 Series are all great for small-bore, thermoplastic hoses used in hydraulic applications and low- to high-pressure situations. You can even make your own custom hose in the field. with Parkers hose-crimping machine. For refrigerant and transportation applications consider Parker 26 Series of adapters. For something chemical resistant and adaptable to temperature fluctuations, the 91N, 92 and 93 Series will do. Hydraulics and lubricating oils are most compatible with Parker’s 79 Series, while larger-bore hoses, such as those used in Caterpillar and Koblec machinery, are best suited to the 78 Series.

There are times, especially if you work in the field, when you’ll need reusable hose adapters. Work in the automotive industry? Consider Parker’s S6 Series with SAE Code 62 flange applications, or ferrules, hoses and sockets in Parker’s 21 Series—great for transportation and brake applications.  Its 20 Series, 30 Series, 42 Series and Parflex 51 and Parflex 90 Series are all a cinch to assemble if your applications are light hydraulics or Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG). Marine steerage? Try Parker’s MS Series. Whatever your application and need, please call ShopCross Customer Service, and we’ll help you choose the adapters to fit your work situation.