Specialty Hose

There’s practically a hose for every season, and at at ShopCross, we provide a variety of specialty hoses for all sorts of applications. For fabrication in the automotive, marine and public transportation industries, Parker’s SAE fuel hoses, air brake hoses and fuel line hoses, among others, are tops. Many of them are made with protective fiber/steel braid; some have a Teflon core. There are water hoses, usually made with synthetic rubber and ideal for contractors, refrigerant hoses for bus and transit systems, welding hoses and high-pressure hoses used in hydraulic jacking systems. Whatever your need, Parker’s no-skive design will allow you to replace fittings quickly and keep the manufacturing process efficient.

For other needs, say, a vacuum hose or one that’s heat-resistant, consider Flexaust, which offers products made from silicone. Kuriyama is another brand that makes hoses that blast hot air, sand and beads—particles often found in mining. And for basic pressure washing, there’s nothing like a reliable hose from Goodyear. Call ShopCross Customer Service, and let us know your application and need so we can find the right hose for you.