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How to Order Parker Hose and Fittings

Parker Hose & Fittings are available to cover most all industrial, process, hydraulic and specialty applications. Hose and hose fittings are available in a wide range of materials making them both compatible and cost effective to service your most demanding installations. All Parker Fittings and Parker Hose have been tested and approved to meet the industry standards & specifications world wide.

Parker MRO Hose Product Catalog

Parker Industrial hose is used to transfer air, chemicals, petroleum, and water. Maintenance, repair and operation products are available in a variety of materials and sizes to keep equipment running.

Storage Tips for Parker Hose

Hose storage should be based on a first in-first out (FIFO) control system. Pay close attention to the storage requirements and facilities when placing hose in storage and use.

Parker Fluid Delivery Hose Index

Parker has the widest offering of hose for fluid delivery. This hose visual guide will help you quickly identify which hose family may work for your application or need.

Parker Hose Fitting Basics

Parker offers the widest selection of connection types, materials and tools for successful hose installation. Here's a quick guide on the basics of Parker Hose Fittings.

Parker Hose Basics

Everything you need to know! Parker offers the most comprehensive line of hoses and related equipment so you can get the job done right.

Parker Hose S-T-A-M-P Program

When you're preparing a bill of material for a project, repair job or equipment upgrade requiring hose and fittings, remember: STAMP.

How to Read Parker Parkrimp Fittings

Parker Parkrimp offers more than 750 end configurations. Learn to read and identify the hose and fittings nomenclature to make ordering Parker products easy.