Char-Lynn S-Series Hydraulic Motors

The new improved Char-Lynn S Series Motors with optimized Geroler geometry offers enhanced performance with reduced drive-running angle, while retaining the overall package size of the original S series. Design improvements include upgraded steel end cap, O-Ring section seals and optimized Geroler set.

The Geroler set has precision-machined rollers in the outer ring which provide support with rolling contact between the star and ring. This improves mechanical efficiency, especially at start-up and at low speed conditions. Improvements incorporated into the latest S Series motor provide reliable leak-free performance and smooth operation at start-up conditions.

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  • Constant clearance Geroler design
  • Three moving components (gerotor, drive, shaft)
  • Optimized drive running angle
  • Three-zone pressure design (inlet, return and case)
  • Variety of displacements, shafts and mounts
  • Special options to meet customer needs!


  • High efficiency
  • Smooth low speed operation!
  • Extended motor life
  • Design flexibility
  • Ability to optimize designs for your appplication needs
  • Extended, leak-free performance


  • Agricultural augers, harvesters, seeders
  • Car wash brushes
  • Food processing
  • Railroad maintenance equipment
  • Machine tools
  • Conveyors
  • Industrial sweepers and floor polishers
  • Saw mill works
  • Turf equipment
  • Concrete and asphalt equipment
  • Skid steer attachments
  • Many more