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Industrial Electronics, Sensors, and Control Products

ShopCross provides industrial electronics, sensors, and control products that increase industrial productivity and efficiency. Enhance your factory automation with equipment from the most trusted brands in industrial manufacturing.

Control Products

Measure and control temperature, pressure, position, electricity, and more with industrial control products from top brands.


Solid-state timers, time relays, and repeat cycle timers

Shop Timers


Counters, time counters, and tachometers

Shop Counters

Cam Positioners

Cam positioners and output cables

Shop Cam Positioners


Motor starters and soft starters


Pilot Devices

ShopCross offers an array of pilot devices, including pushbuttons, selector switches, indicator lamps, and toggle switches. Pilot devices are small, but critical components to easing factory operations and control.

Data Display Terminals


Cables & Connectors

Emergency Stops

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Get complete control of your industrial process

ShopCross has the components and systems you need to get complete control of your industrial process. Durable electronics and sensors are critical to monitoring and protecting your workflow. Whether you need to replace a single sensor or overhaul your control system, ShopCross specialists can help. We offer products for a variety of user and application requirements from trusted brands like ABB and WIKA

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