Jamesbury Valves, Actuators and Repair Parts

The Jamesbury line of premium ball valves, butterfly valves and actuators from Metso Corporation, have a worldwide reputation for their quality and reliability. Jamesbury Ball Valves are tested to extremes of pressure and temperature, including fire and cryogenic testing to ensure their performance in harsh processes and environments. Jamesbury's engineers have developed valves with superior sealing capabilities using their flexible lip seal design. Innovations like this keep Jamesbury at the forefront of valve manufacturing internationally.

Jamesbury ball valves are available in a variety of materials, such as Brass, Carbon Steel, and Stainless Steel. They are designed to serve in many applications with threaded, flanged, and socket weld models. There are valves for Chlorine service and Oxygen service, as well as valves specifically for ANSI/API 607 Fire-Tite requirements and CSA Approved Gas shut off applications. Most of these ball valves can be actuated for automatic ON/OFF service.

Jamesbury butterfly valves also feature a variety of designs for industry. Their high-performance valves feature many combinations of body materials and seating elastomers for excellent flow characteristics and tight shut off capacity with long service life. 



Jamesbury Valves