Newco Ball Valves

Cameron's Newco Floating Ball Valve Line is feature rich in sizes 1/2" through 12".  These ball valves are available mainly from stock in 150# - 600# Class.  Body materials are CF8M and WCB Carbon Steel, with stainless steel trim, full port.

Features include:

  • Adjustable Stem Packing for long life
  • Blow out proof stem for safe service
  • RPTFE Seats
  • Locking Device on Level Operators
  • Anti-static ground ring 
  • Fire Tested to API 607 Rev 4

The Full Port Ball Valves are B1610 API 6D Long Pattern style ball valves.

Please call us to discuss your application and remember we can automate these ball valves for your requirements.

Newco Floating Ball Valves by ShopCross