Flomec OM Oval Gear Flow Meters

Flomec medium capacity oval gear flowmeters provide precise volumetric flow measurement of clean liquids found in a broad range of industries including automotive, aviation, mining, power, chemical, pharmaceutical, food, paint & petroleum. Applications include the distribution of fuels, fuel oils, lubricants, alcohols, solvents, blending of bio & ethanol fuels, metering of chemicals, grease, adhesives, ink, insecticides & non-conductive liquids either pumped or gravity fed.


  • High accuracy & repeatability, direct reading flowmeter
  • No requirement for flow conditioning ( straight pipe runs )
  • Various rotor material options
  • Measures high & low viscosity liquids
  • Quadrature pulse output option & bi-directional flow
  • Integral 4-20mA output option
  • Optional Exd I/IIB approval (ATEX, IECEx)


  • Aluminium meters are used for petroleum product including oils and grease, fuels and fuel oils.
  • Stainless steel meters are for the chemical, cosmetic, food and pharmaceutical industries & water based liquids.
  • Blind pulse meters are available with reed switch & Hall Effect outputs.
  • Quadrature pulse & Integral 4-20mA outputs are optional.


Flomec meter options include integral LCD totalisers, flow rate totalisers & batch controllers. These instruments provide monitoring & control outputs including 4~20mA, scaled pulse, alarms & batch control.

Instruments include:

  • BT LCD 5 digit reset, 8 digit cumulative totaliser.
  • RT12 LCD 6 digit reset, cumulative totaliser & flow rate, analog and pulse outputs.
  • RT40 LCD 6 digit reset, cumulative totaliser & flow rate. Backlit Display
  • EB LCD 6 digit 2 stage batcher & cumulative totaliser.
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(Instruments also available for remote mounting and with I.S. approvals)


Model Prefix: OM015 OM025 OM040 OM050
Nominal Size: 1/2" 1" 1-1/2" 2"
Flow Range (GPM): 0.26 to 10.6 2.6 to 40 2.6 to 66 8.0 to 120
Flow Range (LPM): 1.0 to 40 10 to 150 15 to 250 30 to 450
Accuracy @ 3cP: +/- 0.5% of Reading
Repeatability: Typically +/- 0.03% of Reading
Temp Range: -4°F to +250°F (-20°C to +120°C)
Maximum Pressure Threaded Meters (PSI/Bar)
Aluminum: 990 psi/68 bar 990 psi/68 bar 435 psi/30 bar 280 psi/20 bar
316SS: 990 psi/68 bar 990 psi/68 bar 725 psi/50 bar 725 psi/50 bar
Electrical Pulses per Gallon / Pulses per Liter (Nominal)
Pulse Resolution: Pulses Per US Gallon / Pulses per Liter
Reed Switch 318/84 102/27 53/14 25/6.5
Hall Effect 636/158 405/107 212/56 99/26
QP-Quadrature Hall Option 636/158 204/54 106/28 49/13
Reed Switch Output: 30Vdc x 200mA max. (Max Thermal Shock 10°C(18°F) / Min
Hall Effect Output (NPN): 3-Wire Open Collector, 5-24Vdc max., 20mA Max
Optional Outputs: 4-20mA, Scaled Pulse, Quadrature Pulse, Flow Alarms or Two-Stage Batch Control
Protection Class NEMA 4X (IP66/67), Optional: Exd I/IIB T4/T6, Integral Ancillaries can be supplied I.S.
Recommended Filtration: 150 Microns / 100 Mesh