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Parker is a world leader in the manufacture of fluid connectors for all sectors of industry. With connectors for tubing, hose, and pipe, Parker's engineers have been developing innovative products for over 50 years. Whether the application is in food and beverage, transportation, chemical processing, power generation or refining, Parker has a wide array of adapters to meet fluid delivery needs. From low pressure, push-to-connect, pneumatic fittings to high pressure Code 62 hydraulic flanges, Parker has the solution.

Parker holds tight tolerances in their manufacturing processes to make reliable fittings that produce leak-free systems for years of dependable service. Quality material selection and superior plating give fittings from Parker unmatched assurance against red rust and other corrosive agents. 

Parker produces many well-known fitting and adapter types including Triple-Lok JIC tube adapters, Ferulok bite-type flareless fittings, Prestolok push-to-connect fittings, Seal-Lok face seal adapters, Par-Barb hose adapters and Prestomatic transportation fittings.