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When you manufacture hose, tubing, and fittings for almost every fluid delivery application on the planet, it just makes good sense to also provide quality fabrication tools to assemble and install hose and tubing systems. Parker provides cutting, bending, deburring, and flaring tools for tube fabrication as well as crimping and cutoff tools for hose assembly. In addition, Parker has a broad line of sealants, lubricants, and thread identification tools for pipe assembly and thread sealing. 

Parker's "Krimp" line of  hose crimping machines come in a variety of sizes - from the portable Minikrimp to the industrial bench mount Parkrimp 2 - to meet the particular needs of the customer. Portable crimpers are available with electric pumps or manual piston pumps for convenience. Hose-making is a snap with Parker's no-skive hoses and crimping machines.