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Price Pump has a long history in the pumping industry, beginning in 1932 with the creation of the company by E. L. Price to the present day manufacturing facility in Sonoma, California. Today Price Pump is owned by the Paul family and continues to be a market leader in the made to order pump industry. Price Pump has made a name for itself by quick order fulfillment and high customer satisfaction.

As a premier manufacturer of Centrifugal and Air Operated Diaphragm pumps with over 85 years of experience, Price Pump specializes in addressing the needs of specialty applications for industrial and OEM users. Their world-class engineering support, customer care, and standard 2-year warranty provide customers with a variety of pumps for a wide range of applications.

Centrifugal pumps are highly versatile engineered devices. As such, there are nearly limitless variations of speeds, impeller diameters, and motor types that can be combined to achieve optimum flows at peak efficiencies. Most of the pumps offered on ShopCross are pump head only – no motor. Unless the listing clearly states the specifics of the motor such as voltage, type, and speed (i.e., 240 VAC 3 phase, ODP, 3600RPM), it should be assumed that it is a replacement pump head, not a pump assembly.

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