Industrial Gas Pressure Regulators

Whether you’re handling argon, helium, nitrogen, industrial air, hydrogen, methane, propane, carbon dioxide, oxygen, LPG or acetylene, ShopCross carries a wide variety of Harris Pressure Regulators for countless industrial compressed gas delivery applications.

We provide a variety of pressure regulators for handling high flow, high pressure, and back pressure in your systems. In stock to meet your needs are regulators made by Harris, a division of Lincoln Electric. These are available in brass, forged brass, stainless steel and chrome plated brass for applications that include Corrosive, Chromatography, Laboratory, High Purity, Laser Assist Gas and Food Service. ShopCross also carries units employing Harris SERVO-DOME technology. If you don’t see exactly what you need or have a question, our ShopCross Customer Service Team is standing by to assist you in making an economical and smart choice.