Level Indication & Control

In today's industrial climate, level indication and control is more critical than ever. An increased focus on safety has produced many innovations in boiler drum level, high pressure fluid levels and aggressive chemical levels. Customers also require accurate, fail-safe high level control to prevent the environmental impact of overfilling tanks.

At ShopCross, we provide quality replacement/repair kits and components for level gages and water/steam columns from Quest-Tec Solutions. These kits and probes are primarily for boiler drum level and fit the reflex gages, flat glass gages, and electrode water columns for a variety of manufacturers including: Clark-Reliance, Yarway, Hydrastep, Quest-Tec, Daniel, Diamond Power, Penberthy, and Jerguson. Quest-Tec components can also be combined into kits for most other applications. When repairing glass level gages, please follow the manufacturer's instructions carefully.