Welding Gas Pressure Regulators

Whatever your needs for a Welding Regulator, ShopCross has anticipated your requirements with a wide variety of quality Harris units. Whether you're looking for a manifold pressure regulator, a flowgauge regulator, a clamshelled regulator or some other model, ShopCross has a variety of brass and forged brass units suitable for handling argon, helium, nitrogen, oxygen, air, methane, hydrogen, LPG or carbon dioxide.

ShopCross has in stock regulators that are designed to fit a number of applications that include constant supply pressure, compact design, economical models, heavy duty and industrial grade, inlet gas guard and monitor, single-stage use, pipeline use, both economical and high flow units, and station applications in economical, heavy duty and high flow models. Some units are specially designed to correct surge and provide full flow control in existing flow control equipment. Others are gaugeless for use in installations where rough handling of gas apparatus is commonplace. Some models are equipped with stainless steel or Neoprene diaphragm for extra safety, longer life, and greater dependability or with PTFE seats.