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Product Policy

Here you'll find answers to many of the more popular questions related to our Products Policies.

Product Selection Safety

Improper choice or utilization of items included in the ShopCross Catalog can bring about death, personal injury or property harm. The items we offer are for clients having specialized mastery. It is imperative that you break down all parts of your application, and audit the data concerning the item to decide suitability for your application requirements.

Because of the variations of working conditions and applications for these items, the user accepts all responsibility, through its own particular investigation and testing, is singularly in charge of making the last choice of the items, and guaranteeing that all execution, well being and cautioning prerequisites of the application are met. The items depicted in ShopCross including without confinement, item highlights, determination and choices, are liable to change without notification by ShopCross or Cross Company.

Product Image Policy

At ShopCross, we constantly update and work to display the most accurate, representative images possible of our products. In certain cases, there may be product images that are not available or impossible to render. In these cases, we will use the closest, similar or general image for the product offered by our supplier partners. These representative (typical), illustrative or rendering images may show optional variations, accessories or features.

Accordingly, we suggest that you read the full product descriptions (where available), item titles, specifications and details along with any supplied product cut sheets, if available, before placing your order.

Site Errors – Descriptions & Pricing

Our team takes great pride in providing correct, relevant and useful descriptions, spec's, images and general information. ShopCross will work to rectify any error or omission related to products, descriptions or pricing. If we have a product listed with an incorrect price or description, due to a website error, ShopCross will resolve the discrepancy, at our discretion, on all orders placed for the product as listed. Potential resolution could involve coming to a newly agreed upon price, with the customer, or a cancellation of the order, with a full refund. All ShopCross prices are subject to change without notice.

Warranty Policy

All warranty claims are handled based on the manufacturer’s warranty policy.

- Important Notice for Warranty Returns: For the safety of our employees, any product that has been placed in service must be cleaned and/or decontaminated prior to being returned to ShopCross.

All returned products must be issued a Return Material Authorization (RMA) number prior to return shipment. Please contact us to begin your RMA request. After review and approval of the information you provided in your request, we will provide RMA number. Unauthorized and/or unmarked returns will not be honored. All returned products must be conspicuously labeled with the assigned RMA number and accompanied with a copy of the sales order or invoice & our completed RMA Form. A decontamination statement (where applicable) must be completed, signed and attached to the outside of the packing in order to be accepted by our shipping/receiving department.

Regardless of condition, products must be packaged appropriately, so as not to incur any physical damage during return shipping. Failure to do so may invalidate both the RMA and the warranty (if applicable).