Draeger 4057805 SCape CBRN30 Escape Hood, 30 min


Draeger 4057805 SCape series escape hood of 30 min duration

Usually ships in 10-15 business days.


Automatic blower actuation allows for fool-proof operation.Blower automatically starts when hood is removed from case so user only has to put on hood to be protected. Features blower indicator light, comfortable neck seal, quiet 64 lpm blower, exhaust valve, filter canister and sealed case. One size fits most. No fit testing required.Baby Scape is available for children under 3 years of age.

  • Automatic blower actuation
  • One size eliminates logistical issues stemming from multiple sizes
  • 30-minute certification
  • One size neck seal. Beards/glasses/long hair accommodated easily
  • Easy to understand instructions
  • Clear hood/large visor allows user to perform a wide range of tasks including reading, driving, etc
  • The integral exhaust valve regulates/maintains positive pressure within the hood.
  • Five-year shelf life. Eliminates need to perform any operations (e. G. Filter plug removal) after removing product from package

Product Specifications

Brand Name
Draeger Safety
MFR Part Number
Escape Hood
SCape CBRN30
Escape Duration
30 min
NIOSH Approved