600-0024-000 RAE Brand Equivalent, Oxygen O2, 34L

20.9%, balance Nitrogen
Calibration Gas Zero Air 20.9% Oxygen, balance Nitrogen contained in a 34 Liter Aluminum Cylinder..MSDS# 1 Gasco Brand

RAE Brand Equivalent of Part Number 600-0024-000 is 100% compatible with your RAE detector and offers the same exact mixture as RAE at a significant cost savings.

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Zero Air Oxygen O2 Calibration Gas or Cal Gas with a concentration of 20.9% balance Nitrogen contained in 34L Aluminum Alloy Cylinder that is used for calibration and maintenance of gas detectors. Connection size C-10, Pressure 500 PSI, Cylinder 34L Aluminum Alloy, Diameter 3.125 inches, Cylinder Height 10.64 inches, Weight 30.9 oz, Contents 1.2 cu. ft. Use with regulators 70,73-PBR,74-DAF,70-FMV,70/SS

NIST Calibration Certificate Included. GASCO Calibration Gas is ISO 9001 Certified.