Aerotest Breathing Air Testing Equipment

Draeger Tubes are commonly used across many industries to measure the quality of compressed breathing air, the purity of medical gases, contaminants in process gases and impurities in technical gases. The Draeger Aerotest Kits quickly and easily facilitate these types of measurements by conditioning the pressurized sample to a level where Draeger Tubes can safely and accurately operate. 

Our Draeger Aerotest Kits come complete with Draeger Tubes and related hardware needed. The low-pressure Aerotest Simultan Alpha may be plugged directly into compressed airlines, while the high-pressure Aerotest Simultan HP can be connected directly to SCBA cylinders or compressors. The MultiTest is designed for medical gases and can measure up seven different substances simultaneously; CO, CO2, H2O, Oil, SO2, H2S & NOx2. The Simultan Test CO2 is used for monitoring Carbon Dioxide (CO2) in low pressures.  The Aerotest Navy is designed for the special demands of military & marine applications.