Draeger Smoke Tubes & Draeger Air Flow Check

In some facilities and industries the detection of air currents is important. Slight air flow currents must become visible to estimate their source, direction and speed.

This is necessary:
- in Mining
for the monitoring of firedamp in inaccessible places;
- in the Chemical Industry
for detection of leaks in pipelines, of air currents in storage and production areas
- in HVAC ventilation
for control and setting up of air conditioning

Measurement of the air currents is helpful when estimating  the distribution of toxic substances at workplaces. The knowledge of the air flow path permits objective selection of the right measuring points for any air analysis. The Draeger Smoke Tube consists of a porous carrier impregnated with fuming sulfuric acid. After opening the tube tips the air is pumped through the tube with the help of a rubber bulb. The white smoke emerging from the tube is carried along by the air flow and makes its direction visible.  The air flow tube can be used repeatedly until the smoke is finally exhausted. If the test is completed before the tube is exhausted, the tube should be sealed with the rubber caps provided. Also, the Draeger Airflow Indicator or Flow Check will generate a harmless cloud of smoke.  Both of these tools will allow the user to clearly see the air currents.