Escape Hoods

When you're in an emergency situation, there is no time to spare. An escape hood should be easily accessible, fast and easy to use.  Draeger PARAT® Escape hoods are designed to be easily donned and to protect users from toxic industrial and fire related gases, vapors and particles for at least 15 minutes.

The Draeger PARAT Escape Hoods are intuitive and easy to use:
1. Open the case – the seal is now broken, filter plugs release and canister deploys automatically
2. Put on the hood – internal head harness and elastic neck strap adjusts the hood to fit automatically
3. Escape

Draeger Parat Escape Hoods are designed and available in 3 distinct areas of use, Parat 4900 for Industrial Escape, Parat 5500 Fire Escape Hood and Parat 7500 Fire & Industrial Escape Hood.  The 4900 is used for protection against toxic industrial gases, vapors and particles.  The 5500 is used for protection against toxic fire related gases.  The 7500 is used for protection against toxic industrial and fire related gases. Here's an article on real life use of the original version Draeger Parat C Escape Hood.