Draeger Gas Detector Calibration Parts & Accessories

Regular and systematic Bump Testing and Calibration is a must for Draeger Portable Gas Detectors.  At ShopCross we offer the full Draeger Safety Calibration portfolio.  We also have one of the largest online offerings of calibration gas in the industry.  Gas detection instruments, which do not work properly, cannot give you the protection you need and may result in accidents.

If you are exposed, over time, to excessive concentrations of toxic gases or to a shortage of oxygen - this may lead to illness or even death. Testing an instrument using a known gas concentration (also known as a function or bump test) is the only way to guarantee reliable and correct measurement of & warning against gas hazards. This test is important to verify whether the gas to be measured can flow through the dust and water filter to the sensor, to check that the sensor is properly calibrated, and to test that alarms are working and are set correctly. 

The Draeger X-dock is our next generation, modular, function - bump test, calibration, documentation and reporting system. The X-Dock is a PC Free system with a touch screen that can test and calibrate up to 10 instruments in a stand-alone operation.  This system is fully network capable, but, you own the network.  The X-Dock can help improve productivity and cut costs by performing fast tests and deliver automatic documentation, which will allow for rapid deployment to the field.