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Schroeder Industries Excellement Hydraulic Filter Elements

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ShopCross has all popular Schroeder hydraulic filter elements.  Formerly BuySchroeder.com, our improved shopping experience makes finding the right part from thousands, easier shipping and account features. Try searching your part number to find your Schroeder filter element.  Match Schroeder or competitor part numbers with the search above.

Learn more about Filter Element Technology

Our exceptional elements are tested to ensure fabrication integrity in the manufacturing process. They are also tested for efficiency and dirt holding capacity in a multi-pass test stand, equipped with inline particle capabilities, which are calibrated to ISO standards.


Schroeder Excellement 2000 Series Z Media

– Epoxy-coated steel wire fabric provides maximum support and rigidity.

– Polypropylene scrim filters and protects the media.

– Z media provides maximum dirt-holding capacity with the minimum pressure drop.

– Crush-protective Center Tube

Schroeder's complete line of quality filtration elements—including Schroeder's original element designs, BestFit replacement elements, Esafe stand-alone disposable elements, and CoreCentric coreless repair elements—are now being manufactured with Excellement (Z) media.

The better efficiencies, lower pressure drops, and higher dirt holding capacities provided by the new Excellement (Z) media mean cleaner oil, longer element life, and less downtime. They outlast, outperform, and excel in every measurable benchmark.

The new Excellement (Z) media series of filter elements have been designed, tested, and proven to be the best performing elements available on the market today.