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Industrial Best Practices

Shop Smart with our "Guides on Choosing and Using" Industrial Instruments & Equipment from ShopCross. Selecting and applying the right instrument, tool or device is critical to the success of your process or application. The guides and bulletins below can help you make a great choice of product.

Draeger Technology Guides

The development of our Draeger-Tubes more than seventy years ago laid the cornerstone for accurate gas detection. Now we are featuring more than 250 Draeger-Tubes, able to detect over 500 substances. Find installation manuals and operation guides, along with overview sheets, tips, and tools.

Gas Detection Tips

Draeger Safety is the world leader in advanced gas detection instruments and tools. Draeger Tubes and Pumps set the standard for quick, reliable, trans-portable spot gas detection. The tips, whitepapers and IOMs listed below should help in your normal application of the Draeger Safety Products.

Process Valve Tool Tips

In the field, having the ability to quickly and easily identify the parts you are working with is a key to having a successful installation. ShopCross user guides teach you how to identify and select the appropriate valve tools for the job.

Hose & Fittings Selection Guides

Parker Hose & Fittings are available to cover most all industrial, process, hydraulic and specialty applications. Discover the basics to help you select the right product and storage tips to extend the life of your hose. 

Calibration Gas Resources

Gas detectors, either fixed or portable, need regular bump testing & calibration. These guides on calibration gas shelf life, selection, training and helpful specifications that provide you with the knowledge you need for successful calibration.

Flow Meter Display Guides

Flow meters are critical instruments that measure flow rate, pressure, and temperature. To get proper readings, you need to know the right way to use, calibrate, and configure a your flow meter displays. Learn more from the experts at ShopCross.

Flow Meter Education

Selecting a flow meter that works for you can be challenging given the wide array of options available. This guide gives expert information on help in selecting a flow meter for your application.

Industrial Components for Breweries

Experts at ShopCross can assist with the components you need for brewery operations. Consider us when you need sanitary valves, flow meters, hose & fittings, temperature gauges or pressure gauges.

Automated Valve Technical Information

Content coming soon!

Oil & Chemical Transfer Pump Selection & Use

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