Titanium & Cryogenic Ball Valves

Cameron's TBV Ball Valve portfolio offers a full range of ball valves in stainless steel and titanium for cryogenic and extremenly difficult applications.  The TBV valve line includes valves for instrument connections, for diverting flow, weld by thread, fugitive emissions valves, check valves, cast unibody ball valves and bodies from forged material.

TBV offers ball valves for oxygen service in either the liquid (cryogenic) or gaseous phase. Because of the danger of oxygen reacting explosively with any grease, oil, or combustible material left in the piping system, the valves are cleaned and degreased prior to assembly. 

TBV chlorine valves feature Inconel® Belleville-loaded stem seals for automatic compensation of temperature and pressure fluctuations, an upstream pressure-relief hole in the ball or a slotted upstream endplate to allow expanding chlorine to escape harmlessly upstream, and a wide variety of available materials to suit each individual application. 

TBV Valves are made to order, if your requirements are for immediate delivery, please call our Valve Specialists to discuss you application and timeline at 888-987-5955.

Cameron TBV Cryogenic Ball Valves by ShopCross