Terms and Conditions

Minimum Order Policy

ShopCross Online Store has no minimum order requirements.

Payment Options

Credit Card Billing

ShopCross currently accepts Visa, MasterCard and American Express. Credit cards are charged at the time the order is placed with ShopCross regardless of the shipment date.

Wire Transfer

Wire Transfer payments are available through our Customer Service Center at 770-929-8441 or via email admin@shopcross.com.  Wire transfer payments will require a minimum $1,500 order and be aware that bank imposed fee's & related expenses will be incurred. 

Open Account Billing

ShopCross may offer Net 30 Terms to qualified businesses, on approved credit, for initial orders of $1,500 placed outside of our ShopCross store.

To apply for credit, please download, fill out and sign (using PDF Viewer or hand signed) our Credit Application Form, then email your complete ShopCross Credit Application to admin@shopcross.com - Our Finance Department will review your references and we'll let you know when your account is opened.  This process normally takes 5-7 business days based on the references.

Net 30 terms are for Business Customers only with an opening order of $1,500. Requests for net 30 terms will be reviewed and approved by the Cross Company Finance Department. Net 30 terms are not guaranteed to all businesses.

Order Processing

All orders placed in ShopCross will be automatically entered into our order management system, based on the order status below.  Our products will display either the available inventory or estimated normal processing/lead time. We will ship your order, as complete as possible, and your order may have multiple shipments from multiple warehouses.  All calibration gas cylinders are shipped direct from the factory's Oldsmar, Florida location. Order status can be checked anytime. Please see order status information below.

Changing your order:  Orders placed with Expedited Shipping can't be changed after you've submitted your order. If you need to update the shipping address and the item hasn't shipped yet, you'll need to request a cancellation and order again. 

Order Status

Order status can always be checked online by logging into your account, selecting Recent Orders or Order History. There you can check the status of your order, obtain a receipt or place a reorder.  Order status terminology is shown below:

Payment Received: Shortly after completing your order and payment you will receive an automated email order confirmation/order summary from ShopCross along with an Order Receipt for your records. 

Pending Backoffice: Our first step, after receiving a new order, is to review the billing, shipping and product information contained within the order for validity. We look for specific inconsistencies within orders that may be an indicator of possible error entry, address issues or fraud. This step takes just a few seconds for our process to confirm and send your order into our enterprise system.

Pending Admin Intervention: A confirming step we have to check for complete tax information on orders that are taxable.  If you are a tax exempt entity, please submit your tax exempt certificate and we'll set your account accordingly.

Processing: Once we have established your order is correct and valid, our next step is to update the order status to: "Processing" This means that we have received & accepted your order and have begun to process it within our systems. Our goal is to complete and ship your order as quickly as possible. Orders for in-stock parts are typically shipped within 24 hours or the following business day, if received after hours. If you order a part that has a lead time in days, or a notice for process time in days, your order will stay in the Processing Status until your part(s) ship. Processing times vary for either production, assembly, testing or validation by item. Each part will have an estimated Lead Time or Processing Time posted.

Completed: Once an order physically ships, your order status will be updated to "Shipped-Order Complete" and you will be notified of this final status update via an automated email. Included in this message is a note informing you that your order has shipped along with a tracking number (if available) and contact information for us. In some instances, carriers may not have current information on the respective tracking information for several hours after the products leave our facility. Products drop-shipping direct from the factory will typically show a tracking number of "Factory Drop-Ship."

Product Availability

Our factory partners put forth every effort to maintain inventory at levels that are adequate enough to fill your order from stock. That said, if your product needs are urgent, we highly recommend that you contact us prior to placing your order to check on lead times and/or availability of the product(s) you plan to purchase.

We reserve the right to modify the quantity of any hose ordered to help meet your requirements.  If your ordered quantity changes, we will give you notice on the change.

Product Pricing

ShopCross.com is committed to offering you high quality products at competitive prices. From time to time we will run special promotions that will impact pricing on several or all products.  If you are signed up for any of our notifications, we can alert you to sales or special promotions that we run.  Also, we can set up your calibration gas on a reminder system that will help you maintain the calibration gas needed to serve your safety needs.

Sales Tax

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Even if we do not collect sales tax from you, you may owe sales tax on your purchase. Unless you live in Alaska, Delaware, Montana, New Hampshire, or Oregon, your state most likely requires purchasers to report and pay tax on all purchases that are not taxed at the time of sale. The tax may be reported and paid on your individual income tax return or by filing a consumer use tax return. For more information, please visit your state's department of revenue website.

CROSS COMPANY COLLECTS SALES TAX in states where we have physical presence (or nexus), including North Carolina. Cross Company also collects sales tax in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, and West Virginia.  Please note that the sales tax (if applicable) included in your total is an amount based on the maximum combined state and local taxes listed for your state. Your order summary/credit card receipt will reflect the sales tax charged to your account and that amount will be based on the most current tax data for your specific ship-to location.

CROSS COMPANY DOES NOT COLLECT SALES TAX in any state NOT listed above because Cross Company is not required to collect sales or use tax in these states.


CROSS COMPANY DOES NOT COLLECT SALES TAX if we have your exemption certificate on file.  We must have your valid certificate to exempt you from sales tax. No exceptions! To set your store account up as tax exempt, please follow these quick steps before you place your order:

1. Click My Account and create account or login
2. Once in Your Account, click Tax Exemption
3. Enter required information
4. Upload your Tax-Exempt Certification and click submit

We'll review and confirm your submission, then we'll set your account to Tax-Exempt, now you may place tax free orders.  This process will usually happen same day - during normal business hours.

If you place an order prior to setting up your account as Tax-Exempt in our store, you can reply back with your Order Receipt and include an attached Company Tax-Exempt Certificate for us to manually set your account to exempt.  Once approved, we will refund your taxed amount, usually within 24 hours, and set your account for future orders as Tax-Exempt.

Product Selection Safety

Improper choice or utilization of items included in the ShopCross Catalog can bring about death, personal injury or property harm. The items we offer are for clients having specialized mastery. It is imperative that you break down all parts of your application, and audit the data concerning the item to decide suitability for your application requirements. 

Because of the variations of working conditions and applications for these items, the user accepts all responsibility, through its own particular investigation and testing, is singularly in charge of making the last choice of the items, and guaranteeing that all execution, well being and cautioning prerequisites of the application are met. The items depicted in ShopCross including without confinement, item highlights, determination and choices, are liable to change without notification by ShopCross or Cross Company.

Site Errors – Descriptions & Pricing

Our team takes great pride in providing correct, relevant and useful descriptions, spec's, images and general information.  ShopCross will work to rectify any error or omission related to products, descriptions or pricing.  If we have a product listed with an incorrect price or description, due to a website error, ShopCross will resolve the discrepancy, at our discretion, on all orders placed for the product as listed. Potential resolution could involve coming to a newly agreed upon price, with the customer, or a cancellation of the order, with a full refund. All ShopCross prices are subject to change without notice.

Product Image Policy

At ShopCross, we constantly update and work to display the most accurate, representative images possible of our products. In certain cases, there may be product images that are not available or impossible to render. In these cases, we will use the closest, similar or general image for the product offered by our supplier partners. These representative (typical), illustrative or rendering images may show optional variations, accessories or features.

Accordingly, we suggest that you read the full product descriptions (where available), item titles, specifications and details along with any supplied product cut sheets, if available, before placing your order.