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 6.0 BS65-CI
Titan Flow Control

Titan 6.0 BS65-CI Simplex Basket Strainer, 6", Flat Face Flanged, Cast Iron

Titan BS 65-CI series simplex basket strainer with 6" flat face flanged connection has 200 psi pressure rating and is made of cast iron. For liquid service.

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Strainers provide economical protection for costly pumps, meters, valves and other similar mechanical equipment by straining foreign matter from the connected piping system. Installation of a strainer before mechanical equipment can ensure trouble free service and avoid costly shutdowns for repair or replacement of equipment that can be damaged by foreign matter. The size of the perforation or mesh in the basket screen will determine the smallest particles captured.

  • Versatile, high quality construction - plugged drain connections, larger sizes (8 - 20 Inch) also feature removable/adjustable leg brackets
  • Minimal pressure loss - pressure loss is minimized by providing a slanted straining element design, a straight through flow path and a large open area ratio, inlet and outlet bosses are provided to facilitate the mounting of pressure gauges to monitor pressure loss
  • Large straining capacity - with its large body and sizeable straining element, this basket strainer has the ability to store large quantities of debris without affecting pressure loss thus maximizing time between servicing
  • Numerous straining element options - straining elements are available in a variety of perforations, meshes and materials, special designs are also available including magnetic, wedge wire, drilled perforations and pleated straining elements, the standard material for straining elements is type 304 stainless steel
  • Self-cleaning option - utilizing a modified straining element, the bottom drain can be fitted with a Titan FCI ball valve to allow for the automatic cleaning or flushing of the straining element while keeping the pipeline in service
  • Potable water/FDA approved coatings available - in addition to its lead free, cast iron body, Titan can provide NSF/ANSI and FDA approved epoxy coatings which make this product suitable for potable water and food contact applications, numerous options are available
  • Designed for cooling water, seawater, hot water systems and other similar applications
  • These strainers are especially suited for medium or coarse straining
  • ASTM A126 Grade B cast iron cover, non-asbestos cover gasket, zinc plated carbon steel cap screws and cast iron plugs
  • General application - simplex basket strainers are installed into a pipeline system to remove unwanted debris from the pipeline flow, basket strainers are commonly used in horizontal pipelines where debris loading is high and the collection of solids is required, straining is accomplished via a perforated or mesh lined straining element, internal to the basket strainer, in general, the size of the perforation or mesh should be slightly smaller than the smallest debris particle to be removed, it is important to note that the correct size of a basket strainer is determined by its job function, not by the size of the pipeline
  • Straining element features a bow shaped handle that presses against the cover to help ensure the straining element remains securely seated during operation

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Data Sheet


Brand Name
MFR Part Number
6.0 BS65-CI
Interchanges with
Mueller 6.0 165
Basket Strainer
Bolted Cover, Simplex
BS 65-CI
Nominal Size
6 Inch
End Style
Flat Face Flanged
Pressure Class
ANSI Class 125
Pressure Rating
200 psi at 150 deg F WOG, 125 psi at 353 deg F Saturated Steam, 125 psi at 450 deg F Maximum Liquid
Screen Size
1/8 Inch Liquid
Screen Material
304 Stainless Steel
Coefficient of Volume
780 Cv
Cast Iron
Material Specifications
ASTM A126 Grade B
Epoxy Painted
14 Inch Width
Bolted Cover
Water and Waste Water, Pulp and Paper, Chemical and Petrochemical, Petroleum, Oil and Gas, Transportation, Marine Industry and Food Industry