Hydraulic Valves

Rare is the application that doesn’t require a hydraulic valve. From machine tools to automotive, construction to agriculture, factory assembly to oil and gas, hydraulic valves keep systems running. Once again Parker is a leader in the industry. The Parker three-way diverter valves made of carbon steel are quick, precise and prevent backflow. For high-pressure situations, Parker ball valves will do the trick. Parker also offers check valves, flow-control valves, metering valves for precision, needle valves and panel mounts.

Perhaps you need screw-in cartridge valves for industrial or mobile equipment. Then look to Vickers, which makes check valves that are rugged and well-suited to small spaces, directional valves and pressure relief valves for controlling the flow of oil. Walvoil is another brand that offers high-quality valves for similar situations. Need a tank valve for a steel barrel or compressor, tire valves or throttle valves for blow guns? Then try Plews Edelman’s products. For help navigating ShopCross’s wide array of hydraulic valves, please contact the experts at our Valve Technology Center at 888-987-5955, and they will find the right valve for your application and need.