Kunkle Pressure Relief Valves

The Kunkle Pressure Relief Valve (PRV) and/or Safety Relief Valve can be used to control or limit the pressure in a pipe line system, tank or vessel. Over pressure can occur from an accident, process upset, instrument or equipment failure or even a fire. Kunkle has an installed base of PRV's all over the world.  ShopCross is offering many of the more popular configurations of both Safety Valves and Relief Valves.

Safety Valve and Relief Valve are terms frequently used interchangeably.  Industry professionals have agreed that they are both safety relief valves, offering a pressure relief point, and both serve the broad general term of relieving fluid pressure.  A caution to adhere to is that many authorities restrict "safety valves" to those installed on boilers & related fired equipment and all others classified as relief valves.  For more information click this link to access our Kunkle Safety & Relief Products Supplement.